Yoga Tights
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  • Item #: B8BLK123BLUSIL
  • Manufacturer: Yoganastix

"EMPOWER" YOGA TIGHTS (Shown in Black)

Available in 9 colors: Black, White, Dark Brown, Navy, Purple, Plumb, Lavender, Baby Pink, Turquoise.

This basic yoga pant is the perfect combination of function and form, low rise waist and tight to the leg.

Designed not to sag when wet. The soft, stretchy fabric stays in place during your work out and streamlines your body for a flattering silhouette and fun expression.


- Designed for exercise, worn fashionably anywhere.

- Fitted, super stretchy

- Super soft 90% cotton, 10% lycra blend

- Sizes XS,S,M,L

- Made in the USA

- FREE SHIPPING within the US & Canada

- Composed of natural materials designed to allow the fabric to breathe while absorbing moisture from activity

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